Thursday, November 12, 2009

Top 10 in Two Months

Well into our first two months in Yeosu we definately have discovered our favorite places to go and things to see. So here ya go! In no specific order:

10. Virtual Golf- The ULTIMATE golfing experience!
9. Suncheon Bay- Wildlife preserve about 40 min from Yeosu
7. The park near our house- perfect place to go for a morning hike.
6. Hiking- It is beautiful here and we have found a new love for the outdoors
5. Mandu- Dumplings
4. Cooking seafood at home- So far we have done crab, mussels, clams, mackrel and mystery fish
3. Pageon- Korea veggie pancake you eat at the bar
2. Refrigerated cup holders in the table at the bar Long Life
1. Date night every Thursday- After work we try a new or favorite bar and just relax and talk :)


  1. I was just thinking yesterday..."I haven't heard from Jessica. I wonder how they are doing?" I guess you read my mind. It all sounds wonderful.
    Love you both.

  2. The new year will bring more fantastic, exciting experiences for you two. Enjoy every minute and know how muchyou are loved and missed. We had a great time with your mom and dad after we got back from Phoenix. Our exciting time was the basket factory and the Gourmet food place! Much love to both, Granmom and Grandad