Monday, November 23, 2009

Aparently Cold means Freezing

This weekend we were invited by Lahn, our co-worker, to hike one of the biggest mountains in South Jeollanam-do. It was a wonderful afternoon, we were a bit cold though. Aparently when you are told that it will be "cold" that could imply freezing. Being the native Texans that we are we decided to wear wind pants and pull overs instead of gloves, hats and thick coats. As you can see by the pictures we got to see snow! It was definately freezing when we got to the top of the mountain. The area we went to was about an hour and a half north of Yeosu so it was a nice get away and the scenery was beautiful. The hike was more of a walking trail near the peak so it took us about an 2 hours up and back to our parking area. There are small black bears that we fortunately/unfortunately didn't see up in the mountains. It would have been a neat experience to have seen one from far away, but with it as cold as it was I am sure that they were hibernating.
Time has really gone by fast. We can't believe that Thanksgiving is here. We are planning on having our own little Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday for lunch. I am making a pumpkin cheesecake and Anthony is in charge of the dinner portion. I think we are going to go with sea food since it is so easy to come by and it is easy to cook on a stove top. We are looking forward to it. Also, the Macy's Thanksgiving parade starts at 11:00pm here so we are going to try to watch some of it! We are blessed that it has been so easy to watch programs from home that make us feel comfortable and less far from home.


  1. Brrrrr!! Beautiful picture of you two and scenery. Grandad still remembers how cold the winters were in Korea. You may need insulated boots and a parka before the winter is over. Your th'giving sounds good, but different, and much healthier, ha! We love you both so much. Granmom and Grandad

  2. That looks so beautiful Jessica! I remember our first Trhanksgiving away from home on Guam. There was a major typhoon and all the power went out. One of our friends had a gas oven so we all went over there a fixed a wonderful dinner and ate by candlelight.

  3. WOW Jess! It looks so pretty. I'm so glad yall have been able to have some of the familiarities of home all the way in Korea. It looks like yall have had so many amazing opportunities. I love hearing about all your adventures. It has been a blessing for me to be able to talk (AND SEE!) you guys!