Friday, September 25, 2009

Home and Work

This is our place! It is small, but it is definately becoming home. We are working on it still, trying to find a place for everything, but it is very comfortable! We have pictures of home everywhere!

This beautiful place is where to come to work everyday! It has been so nice just walking around and looking at the flowers and listening to the bugs and birds in the afternoon. As you can see it is very hilly. They really aren't so much mountains, but we have heard that there are some really cool places to hike around. Since we have been here our only day trip has been to Odong-do Island. It is a famous island because the entire island is a botanical garden. This weekend we plan to visit another island called Dolsando. It is supposed to have a temple that you can hike to and it has a beautiful view of the water! We'll see. Check back on Monday to see what we did for the weekend!


  1. It looks beautiful. The photos and videos will give us a better idea of Yeosu. Can't wait to see more. Love ya'll!

  2. Jess! I can't believe you're there! Miss you! Hope you guys are enjoying every minute of it!

  3. Jessica and Anthony, Finally got to look at your blog today and loved it! Thank you for sharing the info about your experiences there. Several of the "Moms"(Weeks,Blalock,Schick,Bowles, Williams and Pongetti) talked about you guys the other day during a lunch gathering for Ms. Schick's birthday and your Mom said she would send us the link!!!Thank you, thank you.... keep the news coming... you have your own fan club. Lots of Love