Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Disabled Olympics

Last week we hosted the opening and closing ceremonies of the Disabled Olympics here at the Jin nam Sports Complex. The entire campus was beautifully decorated with flowers, fruits and people dressed in traditional Korean clothes. I thought I would share some pictures and video. It was a really cool first week to be here because we were able to see what traditional festivities are like. The dresses are beautiful and there are several stores in town where you can get them custom made. We haven't decided yet if that will be a purchase yet, all that we do know is that they are about $80.00 US at E-mart for a little girls dress and E-mart is the equilavent to Wal-mart! So we are very curious to see how much a custom one is. We are taking our first road trip this weekend because we have a holiday for Chuseok or 추석. It is Korean Thanksgiving, but in a different since then the American Thanksgiving because it is a Thanksgiving to their ancestors. They visit the graves of loved ones and give presents. We plan to take the KTX, high speed train, from Busan to Seoul. We are so excited to see the city. It is supposed to be great! We plan to stay for 3 nights so we should have plenty of time to see the things that we are most excited about. We have heard that the city will be crazy for the holiday, but we think that should make for a great trip because they should have some special things going on for the weekend.

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