Monday, March 29, 2010


Boseong has the greatest concentration of green tea in Korea and produces over a third of South Korea's green tea. In the 1930's, during the Japanese occupation of Korea, they found that Boseong was the best place for growing and harvesting green tea. Anthony and I decided to go to the Daehan Plantation. It is the largest and most commercialized plantation. We had such a relaxing afternoon.

The fields went on for acres and climbed the hills in perfect waves. It was an overcast day so the green colors of the plants weren't as prominent as we had hoped, but it was still beautiful and unlike anything we have ever seen. One thing that I found interesting is that the tea plants didn't have a distinct "green tea" smell. They really were like plain, front yard, shrubs. We had a green tea latte and green tea ice cream after walking around the plantation for about an hour.

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