Monday, October 19, 2009

Naganupsong and Suncheon Bay

This weekend Anthony and I took a day trip with our co-worker Adam. He is our age and has been here since April. We decided to go to the folk village of Nagan and also Suncheon Bay. Nagan was our first stop and it is about 1.5 hours from Yeosu by bus. The village is a fortress from the 1800's where the magistrates for Jeollanam-do lived. There are still many people living there in their thached roof houses day to day. We walked around the village all afternoon looking at pottery, going into small homes, looking at gardens and animals, watching the village weaver, and walking on the fortress walls. It was a really cool experience and unlike anything else I have ever done. We watched the weaver for some time. It was a day where you didn't bother to look at your watch because it was so enjoyable where we were. We got some pottery from a lady that makes it all in her home and some woven shoes. We decided to head back to Suncheon to go to the bay around 3:30.
The bay was perfect at sunset. There was a pier that we walked across to get to the path to hike up to the observation deck. Beneath the pier were tiny wholes with crabs. They were all feeding since we were there in the evening and it was beautiful. We hiked up to the observation deck at sunset. The picture below is the view!

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  1. I'm thinking the top pic of y'all in full Korean costume would make a great Chirstmas card!! haha